Monday, December 05, 2005

And in the end, the blog you take is equal to the blog you make.

[opening music: "Let's Get This Party Started" by TobyMac]

This music doesn't feel right. Hang on.

[new opening music: "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" by Beck]

there you go.

the work week is not starting off well. ugh to the work situation. too many emails. too many phone calls. too many doctors and nurses with necks outstretched and maws gaping, demanding my assistance like so many bald baby birds. here you go, doc; lemme vomit that rewrite right up for ya.

I really want to take a vacation right now. From myself as much as anything else. I'm tired of wrestling with my own inadequacies.

(No need to take away the forks and knives, Will. You're getting awful jumpy, dude.)

I'm just tired. I'm tired of needing to be made new. I'm frustrated.

And I hate being so wasteful. Ach, money issues. To paraphrase Ulysses Everett McGill: damn, i'm in a tight spot.

Pressing on. That's what I'm doing. Pressing on.

On a good note, I had an apple and a banana in my lunch today. And I ate them both. So that's good. I'm trying to be better about the nutritional things.

Baby sister's birthday party was yesterday. It was fun. The party place had giant inflatable games--great slides and a moonwalk and a giant inflatable "volcano" fifteen feet high for the kids (and their parents) to climb. My mom told me to go ahead and play with everyone else. I wouldn't. I was afraid of doing damage. Broken chairs and squeaky floors, I can deal with. Being mistaken for a professional sumo wrestler, I can survive. (No really, it happened.) But popping a fifteen-foot-tall inflatable game would be more than my ego could withstand.

This coming weekend is sister's actual birthday, dad's birthday, the opening of CON:TLTWATW, and other fun things. Should be interesting.

I'm in a funk for some reason. Ugh. Gotta get out of this mess.

(btw, sarah, yes, I am glad you comment. if nothing else, you keep me on my toes. and i need that.)

[closing music: "colorful" by the verve pipe]

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