Friday, November 12, 2004

Something decidedly uncharitable to say... (Updated)

I'm going to say something from the visceral side of my spirit, perhaps the "old man" side, spiritually speaking, because in situations like this, righteous indignation and unrighteous contempt tread too close a line together. So, if this is offensive to you, I beg your pardon.

Arafat is being buried in Ramallah, eventually today. There are different reports of whether the mob is being controlled or is running wild.

As for Arafat himself, my only response is may he feel the full force of wrath for his unconfessed and unregretted atrocities. May his first day in Hell be a thousand years.

Am I overreacting? Read.

And it's very telling to see how the UN responds to terrorist leaders. I heard that Reagan wasn't afforded this honor, but I haven't yet verified this. If it's true, it shows where the UN's priorities are.

UPDATE: Non-dancing Will has brought up several valid points about what I should or shouldn't say about this man (or anyone, for that matter). For example, he said my particularly bilous comments above are not "walking in step with the Spirit" as it were [my quote, not his]. And he is absolutely correct. Yet there they remain.

For those of you too lazy to read the comments, I also acknowledged that I'm just as guilty as this man, in God's eyes, and just as in need of Divine mercy and grace. This is absolutely true. This ground has been covered, so no need to retread it.

But these statements aren't made as an example of what I "ought to" feel. Just what I feel. There they stand.

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