Friday, November 12, 2004

Manually changing gears...

Stomping on the clutch and wrenching the stick-shift.

READER POLL QUESTION #18535C (I'm hoping the random number gag is still funny) :

My boss announced at lunch that he will be spending the entire weekend playing Halo 2 (a present from his uber-cool wife). I haven't spent a whole weekend playing games in literally months, maybe a year, and thought that sounded sweet.

So here's your question--if you could spend an entire week playing video games (assuming you'd want to), what 3 games would you select? They can be on different platforms and from any era, but no arcade games--home systems only. (Though how sweet would an original Street Fighter II cabinet be, huh?)

This should clear the air...maybe.


(And yes, that's an artificial post time. I wanted this on top.)

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