Monday, November 29, 2004

black beauty, i love you so...

(bonus points for title identification)

Happy Monday, friends and lovers.

As is normally the case, Monday morning is extremely busy. So no substantial posting until later.

But in the interim, just want to say that I am thankful for you all.

And a confession: I violated Buy Nothing Day, and feel pretty bad about it, but I needed clothes for work, and the slacks i normally buy were on sale for less than 40% of their normal retail price. I decided it would be better to buy some needed clothes, and just perform acts of contrition to the Buy Nothing gods later. And so I am.

One other note: The U2 album is even better on CD than it is online. Lots of fun aural nuance. "City of Blinding Lights" is creeping into the list of my top 5 favorite U2 songs ever.

That's it. Go in peace.

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