Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Different Person Started This Blog

Apparently, the concept of the "seven-year cellular turnover" is a myth. This disappoints me. I really liked the idea of being a completely different person, at the most basic cellular level, than I was when I finished college.

But the fact is, in other ways, in ways that matter, I think I am a good bit different than I was 7 years ago. Want proof?

Today is the seventh anniversary of this blog, formerly called "Anything to Disrupt the Tedium" (or something similar to that).

My first ever post is here.

If you're bored or in need of something to help you sleep, take a peek at the archives. You get to see a lot of my blood and guts and bile and tears and nonsense. I wasn't very good at filtering for the first several years there. Thankfully, the comments have been lost through multiple template changes, so a lot of drama was swept away, and you're just left with my lunatic ravings.

So here's something fun, in honor of the day: Totally Honest Answer Day!

I'll answer, totally honestly, any question asked in my comments today and today only.

(This would be scarier for me if more than four of you read the blog with any regularity.)

Anyway, that's all. Happy blogiversary to me, I guess.


Travis said...

How many?

You can interpret that any way you want, but I want an answer.

Jaimie Teekell said...

I'm trying to spare you embarrassing questions. Hmmmmmm.

The problem is, you are pretty honest most of the time.

And now I'm just thinking of questions about me.

If you could give yourself any identity, and I mean fantasy (go fantasy), what would it be? Original or something in a book, I don't care. To be really honest you'd probably have to think of something original. For me, I'd be my protagonist. I mean something like that.

Jaimie Teekell said...

Haha, I went with a sex change! See, you have to be bold.

Dave said...

Trav: Go nuts. But whoops! it's now too late!

Just kidding. You can still drop a few on me.

James: that's a good question, and one I will ponder and reply to, today.

You don't have to spare me embarrassing questions, we're all friends here.

And if you had me guess your answer, I would have absolutely gone with your protagonist.

Travis said...

No, no. My question was "How many?" You get to decide what I'm asking how many of, but I still want an answer.

(And 'go nuts' is a lame answer, by the way :P )

Dave said...

Trav: 31 flavors and then some.

James: The identity I'd choose for myself would be heroic. Noble. Inspiring. Equal parts Roland Deschain (S.King's "Gunslinger"), Mal Reynolds, and Kal-El. Not a loner, though; but someone who's willing to stand alone when he has to. A man who's had to make the hard choices in terms of what's right and wrong, not just expedient, and chooses right without flinching. Someone who could look in a mirror and be proud of what he sees. Maybe I'm not answering your question well enough. I don't know.

Jaimie Teekell said...

No, that's a good answer. Sort of. Basically I glean that you would put yourself into a world that would need a hero, and then you would be that hero and remain pure despite the crap going down around you. (In your world, it is possible to remain pure even while fighting the crap.)(Which makes me think of BSG, where they couldn't remain pure so much.) Yeah, that's a good answer.

Laura Bower said...

You have to give those of us with limited internet access time to read and respond to these things. Otherwise, you're an internet access discriminator! Perish the thought!

Here are my questions (plural! cause I'm ballsy like that!) for you:

1. What one character trait do you like the most about yourself? No balancing it out with your perceived shortcomings, no humorous self-deprication -- this is your chance to out-and-out brag about your awesomeness.

2. What three books should I read ASAP?

3. This isn't a question, but I really think you should write even a short blurb about rocking the Starlight with some Neil Diamond goodness. Don't worry about perfection. Just plunk it out.

That's all!

Dave said...

Jaimie: I think what I'm getting at is, I want to be the type of heroic figure I've always looked up to. Someone who isn't perfect, but is pursuing righteousness, in a sense. Yeah.

Dave said...

All right, Laura, I'll allow it. Hate to be known as a discriminator.

1) You know, i'm having a really hard time with this. One, because i think we're trained not to ask ourselves these questions. Two, because i'm tired, which screws with my emotions and especially my self-perception.

My best effort, then:

I'm very connected to my emotions, which is normally seen as a negative trait in men, but I really see it as my strength, because it gives me passion. And because of this, I have a big heart. When given the opportunity, i love people really well. This makes me a loyal friend and eventually will make me a great husband.

(that feels awkward.)

2) The Stand. The Road. Gilead.

3) I will. Because that was a really fun night, and I want to record that memory.