Thursday, July 30, 2009


when summer leaves
you let her go
she wasn't yours to hold
in fingers clenched
like children throwing sand
losing most of it to the breeze

when summer leaves
you can choose to drown
in the sorrow and booze
and avalanche of twinkie wrappers
overwhelming your night table
but you shouldn't do this

when summer leaves
you can choose to replay the film
over and over, dissecting it
to find hints that she was fading
because they were there but
you were too busy singing to see

when summer leaves
you have to put on a brave face
convince yourself and others it's okay
and that you hope she finds happiness
and one day after you start living again
your "hello" will not sound wounded

when summer leaves
you go to the movies
eat tacos with your friends
go to sleep, and when you wake
you start back at day (1)


LeLe said...

I like this.

Jaimie Teekell said...

Very nice. I can't write poetry like this. My poetry is... strange. Good work.

B Lines said...

Is Summer over?

Jaimie Teekell said...

Even better having seen the movie.

Kelly Couri said...

Gotta be honest, man. I am not a fan of poetry, but I dug this. Well done.