Friday, July 03, 2009

So, for anyone not aware...

I'm leaving in just over 24 hours for a ten-day mission trip to the UK. We're flying into Heathrow, spending a short time being tourists in London, then taking the rail up to a town called Darlington. There we'll be working with a local Baptist church, doing community outreach, one-on-one street evangelism, just being the hands and feet of Jesus where needed. It all finishes up with a barbeque dinner event next Saturday, and church the following Sunday. On Monday, we'll head west to Manchester, and fly out of Manchester on Tuesday.

When I get back, you can be sure I'll have stories and pictures.

Talk to you kids in a week and a half. Remember always, Jesus loves you.

Peace and grace.


will said...

Godspeed, brother.

will said...
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