Sunday, October 05, 2008

Flying the blue "L" tonight.

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I was going to post something more personal, a little more introspective, in honor of PBB's 1500th post.

But I want to take a moment to acknowledge the end of the Cubs' 2008 season.

All season (or at least since July), I've been calling it the Year of Destiny.

The reality is, it's just another year. The results are the same, even if the expectations and emotions are higher and deeper.


I still love my team. Heck, I'm getting a replica jersey (my first!) for my birthday in a week and a half.

But nights like this, God reminds me that some things, while disappointing, don't matter. They don't last. My life's allegiance is not to a silly baseball team.

As i've said before, if I reach the end of my road and I'm known more as a Cubs fan than a lover and servant of Jesus, I am a failure and my life was wasted.

So even now, as I'm disappointed by a lost playoff series, I say, "Blessed be the name of the Lord." Because what matters, what lasts, isn't done on a baseball diamond--it was accomplished on a cross.

Peace to you, friends. As Frank Turk says, spend tomorrow in the Lord's house with the Lord's people.

I'll be back tomorrow or Monday with a post about other stuff going on in my life.

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