Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Linky-Love Clearance Sale!

Boy oh boy, I've got a heap 'a links in the ol' linky love bargain bin. Some are a little older, so I'll pass 'em along cheap. Check 'em out and see if any interest you.

  • I've told you about Cake Wrecks, right? Because it's brilliant.
  • Steve McCoy (from the blog Reformissionary) is collaborating on The Subtext, a blog about spreading the gospel in the suburbs. I'm interested in see what he has to say.
  • You guys playing the LOST online game? Sign up quickly; it's about to end. (BTW, if you need to catch up on Lost, G4TV is reairing the series in its entirety every weeknight.) If you don't want to rewatch all of it, just check out this list of the top 50 HOLY CRAP moments from the show.
  • Brad Meltzer (one of the authors of the fascinating "Identity Crisis" Justice League graphic novel) wrote a novel that connects the murder of Mitchell Siegel (the father of one of Superman's creators) to the murder of Cain from Genesis. I'm curious to see how it turned out.
  • I haven't watched this regularly, but I ought to catch up: Kyle Piccolo, Comic Shop Therapist.
  • You've seen the new Microsoft ads with Jerry Seinfeld, right? I was totally gonna snark this up, saying that Microsoft was trying to win over the 20's hipster Mac market using a 50+ year old former stand-up comedian whose primetime sitcom ended almost ten years ago. But you know what? The spot's not half bad.
  • Youtube links: Remy's really funny; Imogen's a genius; this is bizarre; The Shins will not change your life, but are not horrible; this was a pretty fascinating documentary about surviving cancer, and worth your time; remember "Roundhouse" and Crystal Lewis?
  • Remember DARIA? I love this show. If you've never seen it before, watch these episodes (most on this YouTuber's account are divided into two or three parts). Great stuff.
  • I'm actually voting for the Tigh/Roslin ticket. Because Laura Roslin is a babe.
  • I love Superman. I love Superman movies. And while I wasn't too jazzed about the last one (starring Emo-Stalker Kal-El), this makes me hopeful.
  • Do you want lists of artists covering Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson? Yes. Yes you do.
  • Man, those evolutionists will fall for ANYTHING. Ahem.
  • Serious Political linkage!!!--John McCain's RNC speech; Fred Thompson's RNC speech (he's such a stud, dude); a graphic of the words used at each convention.
  • Funny Political Linkage!!!!--Palin dodges allegations of Alaska's nonexistence; Palin posts on her Vlog; hijinks at the RNC; the secret bar on Capitol Hill; little-known "Sarah Palin Facts"; and Al Gore's follow-up movie to Inconvenient Truth--"Supernova."
  • A list of the crappiest video-game box-art??? Neato!
  • Random/cool website: Totally Looks Like...
  • Tim Hawkins is funny. I posted a video of his last week or so. Check out the "Smells Like Birthday Cake" video. Na-na-na-na-na-na-CAAAAKE.
  • Having become totally fed up with constantly being eaten by Pacman, Blinky set off to New York to try a career in the fashion industry.
  • I didn't even realize U2 had an album coming out this year! Oh well, I'll still have to wait until 2009!
  • Did I consider, even for a moment, shelling out over seventy bucks for yet another re-release of the Godfather trilogy? Yes. Yes I did. And I'm ashamed of myself.
  • "Synecdoche, New York" looks...weird.
  • A verbal presentation of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Interesting.
  • More Youtube--Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction (Sam Jackson) as a hockey coach? Best. Coach. Ever.
  • I've tried to hold off from excessive gloating about my NL Central Champion Chicago Cubs (*cough*YearOfDestiny!*cough*), but I can't help adding a few videos. Okay, maybe a few more videos.

Okay, with this done, expect three more posts this week: a concert review and accounts of the two storms I've weathered this month.

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