Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Linky Love

50 minutes until the scheduled Blogger outage--can I make it in time??? We'll find out!
  • Shotgun!
  • A fascinating tell-all article by the daughter of world-renowned feminist author Alice Walker on the negative effect of her mother's ideology on her upbringing.
  • I'm not doing this, but many conservative voters are planning on send a message to the Republican party by their absence. I appreciate the feeling, but the cost is too great.
  • This is amazing to me. Follow the links to experience some of the tragic and inspiring stories of the China earthquake aftermath...through comics strips. Such incredible depths of emotion conveyed with just three colors.
  • I never thought I'd link to something on the Huffington Post, but I really need to share this. For you folks who are really into environmentalism, that's cool and all. Good for you. But people like THIS [language warning] are the reason that people like me avoid and sometimes mock you. Seriously, if a stranger ran up and started screaming at me, I'd feel the need to defend myself.
  • The folks across the pond have put together the perfect home library. How many of the 11o titles do you have? (I have read and/or own 30. I'm not too worried.)
  • NatureNews explains why it hurts to sell your things. (Brain chemistry, apparently. Did you expect anything less from Nature News?)
  • Clearly the above problem is not an issue for Dave Bruno, who tries to live with no more than 100 thing(s) in his possession.
  • On the other hand, I have more than 100 DVDs, let alone total owned items. I'm looking at maybe building a smaller version of this for my CDs/VHS/DVD collection. Maybe a modified version for books too. We'll see.
  • I've always known Denny's is the hippest hangout in town, but apparently this is just now starting to become general knowledge.
  • From the world of sports: Definition of bad sportsmanship? Intentionally beaning the umpire in the FACE(mask).
  • This new Brad Pitt movie looks bizarre. But interesting.
  • Two hilarious short stories related to how the Internet touches our lives: one involving would-be time-travelling assassins, the other involving superheroes' text messages.
  • And finally, a duo of Youtube musical links: The amazingly good and the awesomely bad.

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