Monday, March 10, 2008

Ain't it a kick in the head.

Attention male readers of PBB:

Beau Hughes' recent message at The Village Church is both encouraging and incredibly convicting. Worth your 50 minutes. Listen to it here. (Or download the podcast. Village Church sermons are pretty good.)

You single guys (Do I have any single male readers anymore? The only ones who comment seem to be married.), listen to it and then discuss in the com-box below what you drew from it.

After listening to it, here's what I'm chewing on: I've been using my need for sanctification (read: my lingering selfishness and laziness) as an excuse for not pursuing marriage, but it may well be that the best way to break that down is within a marriage setting. Discuss.

Married guys, I'd appreciate your input too. Give the sermon a listen, and provide some "other side of the aisle" insights.

...Okay, I suppose you ladies may appreciate some of it, too. But it's pretty much a brickbat-to-the-face for single guys in the high end of their 20s. In a good way.

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