Monday, September 24, 2007

The Return of the "PBB Cool Ten List" 2: And the Legend Continues...... (UPDATED)

10. 83-73. 3.5 games ahead of the Brewers, headed into the final week of the season. If the Cardinals can pull off a win tonight, that will bring the BrewCrew's elimination number down to 3. And as we all know, that's a magic number.
9. Speaking of magic number, mine for the week was 5.5. Go me.
8. Speaking of 3, my birthday's in 3 weeks. If you REALLY love me... well, i'm just saying. Size 58.
7. You may have noticed that I've already started supporting a candidate with a small button on the right. If not, go ahead and give it a press. But I want to draw you attention to the fact that while some candidates are satisfied with doing the typical t-shirt thing, Fred goes a more sporty route.
6. Speaking of football, I have to say that, in spite of my disappointment, I'm pretty proud of my Texans nearly upsetting the world-champion Colts despite several key injuries.
5. Yay for real TV! Tonight is the return of Heroes!!!!
4. Double-yay for the return of Smallville on Thursday!!! Clark vs. Bizarro, Part 2!!!!!
3. Last sports item: ARod? Seriously?!?!?
2. Last media item: I'm irritated this film isn't showing in Houston yet.

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