Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Monday! Here's some random stuff!

1) For those of you interested, my Loser blog is back up and running. (And oddly enough, so am I.)

2) Am I the only one who's totally psyched that good TV returns NEXT WEEK?????? It will be Legen-- wait for it...


3) Why is no one talking about this story from last Wednesday? I think it', kind of a big deal. Am I wrong? [FWIW, I'm pretty convinced Putin is an evil *badword*.]

4) "3:10 to Yuma" was freaking awesome. Mini-review to follow. No seriously. I mean it. Okay, stop laughing...

5) With apologies to my poor deluded friends who still cheer for The Enemy (TM): all I gotta say is, Soak it up, friends, cuz it feels so good.

6) Speaking of sports teams: the Texans are 2-0? What?!? We'll see if they can keep the magic alive with the reigning champs stroll into town next week.

7) One last sports note: this makes me feel bad for the Washington Nationals.

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