Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"I love cartoons!" Tom said animatedly.

I realized something funny last night. Since last Friday, almost all of the books/DVDs I've been enjoying have been animated or graphic-novel-based.

On Friday, I watched the last two discs of an anime series called "Cowboy Bebop." (Why didn't anyone tell me that Spike dies?!? ...Um, oops, uh, *SPOILER TAG* errm...)

For the past four days, I've read Marvel: Civil War; Civil War: Captain America; and Batman: The Long Halloween (all awesome, especially the Batman).

On Monday night, I watched an animated film called Renaissance. It's a science-fiction/crime drama from France, starring Daniel Craig('s voice). I'll save the plot details, but suffice to say, very very cool pro-vs.-anti genetic research concepts. But R-rated language, violence, and gratuitous nudity (so be advised). Fitting that it had the look and feel of Frank Miller's "Sin City" (the novel, not the live action movie; it looked a bit like the book would, if the pictures moved around--but with even less color). [NOTE: The IMDB site has a tag on the movie's page that implies it might actually be rotoscoped. It's possible, though I kept looking for visual clues that this was the case and couldn't find any. Rotoscoped movies look pretty obvious. The animation in this one was a little too clean for that. Anyway.]

And tonight, I'll likely be watching a movie based on another Frank Miller graphic novel.

All this comic-booky goodness. Seems appropriate, since this past weekend was Comic-Con in San Diego (more about that a little later).

But I guess it's time to get back to reading more grown-up books. Like ones about chambers of secrets and goblets of fire.

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