Thursday, February 23, 2006

Everything I do, I do it for you.

I was brainstorming for about 17 seconds about what this blog needs. Or rather, why I'm much more interested in what's going on in other people's lives than in my own. Then it hit me--ouch! ("When you want be to get back to work, just ask, Boss." Geez.)

Then realization struck (less painfully than thrown objects from work superiors)--Other people have funny and/or interesting anecdotes from their recent excursions and adventures. They have stories, and funny sayings, and references to people we the readers do not know.

I thought, "BRILLIANT! I'll start blogging humorous and clever anecdotes! I'll reference countless people my lovely readers don't know from Adam! I'll be interesting! BRILLIANT!"

Then, cold, cool, redundant realization clamped down on my enthusiasm like the hand of someone who had been holding a Slurpee for fifteen minutes (except less damp...maybe). "Dave," I thought self-referentially, "you don't have any stories because you don't go out anywhere with anyone and do anything."

"Wow, you're right, Dave," I replied reflexively, belaboring the bad pseudo-pun. "I need to go out and do more stuff, so that I have more stuff to blog about."

At no time did that last sentence seem kind of sad and pathetic to me. Nope, not once.

So, I'm about 67% sure that I'm going to take up my [single] coworker's offer to meet her and her friends from church at the Continental Club tonight. If I do so, tomorrow I will regale you with stories about standing around in a cramped club with strangers, listening to a B-52's cover band and not drinking. Awesome.

I can tell you're shaking with excitement. I can feel it. That's the kind of bond we have.

[For the record, if the 33% contingency wins out, I will go home, eat a chicken fajita salad, do laundry/dishes, play X-Men Legends on the ol' PS2, and maybe read a little. I'll spare you the thrilling details, in that case.]

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