Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Musical Interlude: My Fake Emo Song

Here's my fake emo song. I just wrote it in about ten minutes. Imagine a Dashboard-like band, playing this while surrounded by adoring fans. Oh, and candles. Lots of candles.

"The Good Kind of Stalking"

I'm firing off a letter
To the night
To your eyes

I wrote it on black paper
So you wouldn't
See my lies

It's not worth repeating
You don't care
You don't care

But I can't help feeling
You're not there
You're not there

Just because you are confused by this song
Doesn't mean I don't feel it collide
Just because we've never actually met
Doesn't mean I'm not crying
Doesn't mean I'm not dying inside

I'm sending you a postcard
From the box
On your street

It's from that neon truckstop
Down the road
By the bank

I could have walked it over
But this way
I'm poetic and misunder--

STOOD, just like a hero
In a cinema sequel,
Your broken-heart prequel


So just stop calling me names
Stop playing your games
No really, I'm not a stalker
I'm a depressive poet,
a lovelorn reporter
Oh, why'd you insist
On a restraining ORDEEEERRRRRRRRRR *"emo wail" fading into voice cracking*


(Second Bridge)
Oh I'm. so. devoted to you
Oh I'm. so. enchanted by you
Oh I'm. so. distracted by you
It's driving me crazy
No, not "really" crazy
Just kind of obsessive
Not "scary" obsessive
The good kind of stalking
The kind that won't land me in jaaaaail...

*just a single guitar*

*after seven beats, begins swelling to a crescendo*


*music stops, last line over a single guitar; emo whisper*
Oh, I love you...


Oh yeah. Instant classic.

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