Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"In my mind you are singing a beautiful tune..."

General update post.

In all likelihood, no further Wednesday posting. Hella busy.

It's cold.

My new TV guilty pleasure is "The Biggest Loser." Weightloss-reality-television at its finest. Very interesting. And encouraging. It can be done.

My head is pounding. Freaking climate changes.

I'll be gone tomorrow (yay for doctor and dentist appointments), so I'll be back Friday with a fun "crapiversary" post of sorts. Other fun stuff too, I'm sure. So that's exciting.


Okay, I've got nothing else. So we'll do this.


PBB Reader Poll # 2,453,632.918 :

1) Recommend me:
a) a movie
b) a book
c) a song

2) Ask me any three questions you want and I will do my best to answer them honestly.

3) Rip this off and use it the next time you can't think of anything to post.

Okay, GO.

(Hat tip: Manders.)

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