Monday, July 28, 2003

Not Creepy, so much as...stupid?

Manders, I took a spin on that link to the name-site. Rest assured, they're full of crap. Here's part of my results.

"Your first name of David has given you a very practical, hard-working, systematic nature. Your interests are focused on technical, mechanical, and scientific things, to the exclusion of interests of an artistic, musical, or social nature. You have a rather skeptical outlook on life and rather materialistic standards. In reaching your goals, you are very independent and resourceful, patient and determined. You can be so very positive and definite in your own ideas and opinions that others sense a lack of tact and friendliness in your manner of expression."

Um... no. Not even close. Maybe some of the bad stuff, on my worst days. But choosing technical, mechanical, and scientific, over the arts? NOT A CHANCE.

So yeah. It's another phony voodoo. No worries.


To my other readers: If you want to see what a COOL blog looks like, hang out with Manders in The Living Room. Drink coffee, talk about life, listen to emo. Good stuff. I go there daily for edification and amusement.

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