Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Some thoughts about the past season...

In one week, I'll have been unofficially unemployed for three solid months. And in those three months, I'd like to think I've learned a few things. I will share a few of them with you here, as sort of a commemoration. You who are about to graduate, and move on in life, should pay attention.

--Don't count on anything but God. Circumstances will change, people will leave, money will disappear as though it had wings, comfortable surroundings will become foreign, family will turn against you. God will remain.
--Anything looks easy to do from the outside. Job-hunting for example. But when you are forced to do it, it becomes much more taxing.
--Accept the fact that you make mistakes. Be willing to change. Revision, though unpleasant and unflattering, may be just what your situation needs.
--Lose your pride. There is no job too low. College degrees mean absolutely nothing to bill collectors. "Entry-level" is not insulting, it's inviting.
--Don't disassociate. Stay connected in any way you can. It's easy to turn into a hermit, but much harder to change back. And believe me, you'll want to.
--As much as you want to hate your parents, you know you can't. Because they don't deserve it, even when they really do.
--There's nothing as sweet as setting your own life's schedule. If you can, by all means do it. And don't take it for granted.
--Your value as an individual doesn't rest on one person, one job, one event. It rests upon the love of One God.
--Despair will impair your thinking, cripple your motivation, and repel your closest friends. It is cancerous to the soul and will kill any chance of change. At the first sign, attack it, reject it, remove it. Or it will spread to every part of your life and poison you.
--Don't apologize for happiness. If you have it, enjoy it. This applies to all good things.

That's enough for now. Points to ponder.

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