Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Another, less-bizarre post...
or, "Bring Me to Life"

Yeah, sorry about the last post. Um, I don't know what was exactly going on there. I was in a mood. Crow-colored day, ya know?

But anyway. I'm back, "clothed and in my right mind." (I'm rather proud of that little reference.)

SO. Just got the Evanescence album, and have listened to about half of it. Wow. Nice.

Oh, and to correct a previous correction, David Hodges, my one-time classmate and quasi-fellow-bison, is in fact still in the band, playing keyboards. So there ya go.

The band will be in Houston tonight at the Engine Room. I can't go, but if any of you are able, email me and I'll pass along your report of how the show went.

Hmm... let's see. In other news...

...my aunt and uncle are still in town. They had a great time with my folks at the rodeo and will be going home tomorrow.

...I'm still looking for a non-pizza job, even though due to medical crises and management shake-ups, i've gotten more hours thrown my way this week.

...I still haven't received my premiere issue of Relevant Magazine. Manders, if you've gotten yours already, let me know, so I can call them up and start raising Cain.

...I put "On the Road" and another book I was reading on hold for a while, and started "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. It's really good.

Well, guess that's just about it.

Oh, while you're websurfing go to Dave Barry's blog. Yes, it's THE Dave Barry. And he's just as funny in blog form as he is in the paper.

Oh, one more recommendation. Paul Dancing. Just trust me.

Congrats to CCCS for taking state. Woo woo.

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