Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"You ARE going through one of those 'what does it all mean' things!"

I pulled five CDs out of the ol' rack at semi-random this morning. I grabbed things that jumped out, that struck my fancy.

They are:

The Beatles, "Revolver"
Cake, "Fashion Nugget"
No Doubt, "Tragic Kingdom"
Jamie Cullum, "Twentysomething"
Michael Buble, "More" (EP released by Target along with "It's Time")

So the question is, can there be an underlying theme? A pattern I'm not seeing? Or is it really just random?

Your theories are welcome, below.

It's like reading tea leaves; but instead of tea leaves, it's CDs. And you don't have to decipher which ones they are, because I just told you.

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