Thursday, August 14, 2003

You know you're one of the hip kids...

...when your first response to the word "emo" is not "Phillips?" Actually, you might still be hip, but a different kind of hip.

That's right, friends, I'm an emo kid too. Actually, not really an "emo kid" persay, but an appreciator of the genre.

For example, and as proof of my straining clutch on every last shred of youth, I purchased How to Start a Fire by Further Seems Forever, at my local music distribution center (Best Buy, it was on sale).

I would have argued for a while now that I was past the "emo" stage of my life, but as recent posts indicate, that's not entirely accurate. I think yesterday was my "Counting Crows day".

So I'm back now, in some sense. But I have been delving periodically back into the emo vault.

My current emo favorite is "A Blank Page Empire" by FSF.

"I'd blow this whole world to pieces to not be alone." Extreme, but extremely honest. A lifetime of desperation distilled into one passionate line.

I would be lying if I said that it doesn't resonate with me right now.

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