Sunday, August 03, 2003

"We're all dying, Tracy James" a better song that "At Least I've Got a Car." Or at least just as good.

General news post, commencing...NOW.

I'm working! It's a temp job, but STILL... No, it's for a fun and exciting company called Tide Air, that installs and services air compressors. Which I know nothing about. So that's fun. Really, go to their site and check it out. Hilarity ensues, I assure you.

Does sarcasm translate better over blogs than it does over IM's? Guess we'll find out.

On the "trying to find a real job and get health insurance" front, I applied to Zondervan, for the position of Associate Editor. Dream come true, right? (For those of you unaware, Zondervan publishes the NIV Bible. SO odds are unless you go to my OLD church and still use the King James, you've used a Zondervan product.) I'm praying that I get hired there (pray with me, please). The only downside to the job is that I'd have to move. I'd still be close to family and friends, but I would be in Grand Rapids, MI, my (extended) family would be in Jackson, MI, and my friends would be in Chicago. But still, it'd be a great job. (IF ANYONE FROM THE ZONDERVAN HR DEPARTMENT IS READING THIS, PLEASE HIRE ME. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.)

Actually, I hope no one from Zondervan sees this, it might do more harm than good.

Okay...all right. Moving on.

I gave my two weeks' notice at Papa John's. To quote Mr. Christian fromMutiny on the Bounty, "by God, sir, I'll take no more of your abuse!"

...I seemed to say.

So unless I get the editor job (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE), I need to get another part time job. Any ideas? What's that I can't hear you? Oh, yeah, I don't know how to enable comments. I'll get right on that.


I went to the first half of a ministry thing at church called PLACE. It's an acronym, but I have no idea what it represents. Anywho, it helps you understand your personality and spiritual gifts, then shows you the areas of ministry for which you are suited. Fun times. The personality portion is a condensed version of the "DISC" personality assessment. Turns out I am now more "I" than "S", a change from last time. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, it's too much to explain. Basically, Dave right now=more fun and outgoing than Dave in middle school.

Guess that's all. Bye guys. Be good.

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