Monday, August 25, 2003

Every day I write the book...

Hmm... Guess it's time for my almost monthly blog-a-thon.

Well, kids, since I haven't heard a word from Zondervan, I'm not holding my breath for that job. I say we boycott. Screw Zondervan.

I am in the interview process for a better job, closer to home, but a bit farther from my dream profession. Who cares, at this point. There is the looming possibility for residential independence. Yeehah!

I'm going up to Shawnee this weekend. Twila Johnson's starring in "Wit" and I have a ticket reserved. I'm very excited.

I have nothing profound to say tonight. Though that frustrated me immensely last time, it doesn't so much now. Anyways, this post is born more out of a feeling of responsibility to the few of you that still read it. I appreciate you all. And I figure I owe you an update once in a while.

More coming, of a less newsworthy nature.

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