Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ugh, Thursday.

Took the JibJab down because it was causing too much load-lag. If you missed it, sorry. it was funny.

Can't really talk now. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I want you to read this article. Because it is my life in so many ways. The first half, especially--I have trouble finding that happy second-half resolution still. Fact is, I'm a lonely, screwed-up, failing disciple these days. And I have a hard time finding time to seek grace. My only hope is for grace to find me, in the midst of my flurry and strife.

And my knees have started giving out. That's not a metaphor, I mean that in a physical sense. This is not good, less than two weeks before an overseas trip.

There you go. That should give you enough to discuss until I can give you more.

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Jaimie Teekell said...

All I can say, man, is you better be losing weight. Don't stress about being a good Christian just yet, stress about keeping yourself able to stand up. I think God, in wanting us to be good Christians, is actually wanting us to be good HUMANS.

Unless I totally jumped the gun and that isn't why your knees are giving out at all. In that case, my bad.

I say this because I want you to have a full and happy life. Do I know everything? Nope. Just my two cents.

The next screenplay I write will be about my uncle who was asked to come home from the mission field. He wanted to be a super-star missionary, but the mission board said that he had to work on the basics first, like making sure his mind and family and pride were all squared away.