Monday, May 04, 2009

Linky-Love: Best of April Edition

The 10 best links I've enjoyed in the last month and four days...

Best debut album: Trevor's band's new album. W00t! Fight the Fade!

Best TV Moment: Jeffster!

Best Onion Article: "I know there's a story in there somewhere..."

Best Movie Trailer: "This place has known magic..."

Best News for Neil Patrick Harris fans: Brace yourselves...

Best Newly-Discovered Web Comic: (the linked comic is one of my faves)

Best Swine Flu Info Site: At least now we know for sure...

Best Use of a Journey Song: Seriously, worth every second.

...Wow, I can only think of 8. That's sad.

Meh. I'm rusty, gimme a break.


LeLe said...

Glad you're back! Oh, my goodness. That was the best episode of Chuck EVAR. I cried laughing when Jeffster did Mr. Roboto.

And I loved the Journey video. Made my Tuesday morning. :)

Jaimie Teekell said...

This is the best linky-love I've ever seen. I think taking a break has helped you realized which links are important and which aren't. Good perspective here, good quality overall. I approve.

Trevor said...

Thank you for giving props to me and Fight the Fade. It is an honor to be on your list.

Matt said...

Fight the Fade, rocked my face off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was an awesome 8!!! You didn't need 2 more. Harry Potter looks great. Dr. Horrible, freaking sweet if there is another one. And the journey stuff was excellent!

I really got into this linky-love

Kelly said...

PS What did you think of the Heroes season finale?

Dave said...


I'm not sure if i liked it or not. I mean, from a TV perspective, there's no way you can really kill off Sylar--he's one of the most interesting TV villains in recent years. But having him impersonate another seems...a stretch.

And the campfire scene was a little too "Return of the Jedi."

Obviously, even without the coda to set up Season 4, you know it would backfire on them. And since only a few know, it could be interesting to see the fallout of that--as long as they really dig into the emotional issues involved and don't "Smallville" it by setting up a very complex scenario and then tying it all up in a single episode. (SV's got a whole set of rants on its own.)

Overall, interesting resolution, but I don't know if they should have gone that route. Seems a little too easy on the writers.

And i liked the "Chuck" finale better, FWIW.

B Lines said...

Glad you're back Dave. You've been missed greatly.