Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling like a Twit.

I've given in to the madness that is Twitter.

I've resisted it as long as I could, because there are any number of good reasons why no one needs ANOTHER "status update" program to keep up with.

But in the end, meh. Whatever.


The whole idea of "followers" weirds me out a little, though.

Immediately, my mind goes to the mildly-sacriligious visual joke of Jesus having a Twitter page with nothing but a "Follow Me!" button.

Imagine the conversation that could have occured in the Gospels...

TheMessiah: I'm heading to Jerusalem, and they're gonna kill me. Who's in?

BigFishPete: @TheMessiah are you sure about that? You're not too popular there. But don't worry, we'll never let you die.

TheMessiah: @BigFishPete Get behind me, Satan.

PhillyHebrew: @BigFishPete oh, SNAP.

TheMessiah: @PhillyHebrew Phillip...

PhillyHebrew @TheMessiah Sorry, Lord.

TommyDoubtsIt: @BigFishPete What's the matter, Peter? Scared? I say we head there and all go down together.

BigFishPete: @TommyDoubtsIt Who are you calling scared, twinkie? That's it, you and me, third watch, by the withered fig tree.

HeyJude: Okay, I'm giving 3-1 odds on Thomas to pull the upset. Who's taking?

TaxMatt: @HeyJude Gimme two drachma on Pete.

HeyJude: @TaxMatt Done. There's a five shekel convenience fee, also.

TaxMatt: @HeyJude Seriously? Ugh. Not cool, man.

ThunderJohn: @ThunderJames ...Compared to this lot, we are *so* the greatest.

ThunderJames: @ThunderJohn No kidding.


LeLe said...

Okay, this is one of your best posts ever. You will soon be addicted to Twitter, just you wait and see. Oh, and I'm 'bout to start following you. Dum dum duuuuuuum!

will said...

Fan. Flipping. TASTIC!!!

Trevor said...

That is sooo funny!!

Dave said...

Thanks, guys. That was fun. I may try that one again sometime.