Thursday, December 04, 2008

Linky-Love: A/V Club Edition

Mostly video links, but hey, it'll keep you busy on Friday.

  • Does it stink that Ben Folds Five reunited for a one-night-only concert in North Carolina, in which they played the entirety of their final album "...Reinhold Messner," and I missed it? Yes. Does it rock that MySpace posted the entire concert vid, with additional interview footage, online? You better believe it does.
  • Want to see a LOST-promo-slash-music-video? Sure you do.
  • One of my favorite Youtube channels is from TED, a conference of notable thinkers and speakers. In this video, the creator of Second Life talks about how it came about, how it functions, and the sociological trends it reveals. The video is 28 minutes, but it's worth it.
  • Oddly, it wasn't until I saw this that I started kinda wanting an iPhone. Because seriously, it could come in handy when I need to summon Epona or something.
  • BSGeeks worldwide are nearly trembling in giddy anticipation of the new season.
  • New Chris Cornell songs! (Brace yourself, because he's going in a...different direction.)
  • If you haven't been watching "Eli Stone," well, you're probably the reason it looks like it won't get picked up for the second-half of the season. THANKS, JERKS. Anyway, where there's a failing TV show with a cult following, there's always a "save our show" campaign.
  • Check out highlights from the Austin City Limits festival.

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