Tuesday, November 04, 2008

At last, it comes to an end.

The election, not the world.

I have a few things to say, in response to tonight's events.

I'm an American. I'm proud to be an American. I'm not going to run off to Canada, like other disgruntled voters have said in the past.

As the incoming results are confirming, Barack Obama is my next president. I will never utter the words "Not My President." Like great men in the military have said, you respect the office/uniform, if not the man. I don't agree with many of his ideals, I'm concerned about his future decisions, but like it or not, he's my president. Like I said four years ago--if you refuse to accept a political defeat, you are rejecting democracy. To paraphrase Hunter Thompson, "ya buys yer ticket and takes yer ride." And American democracy wins.


To my friends on the left, I have just a few requests:

Don't just do better; do good.

And please don't forget where America's greatness comes from:
  • Its freedom from, not just its freedom to.
  • Its individualism, not its collectivism.
  • The pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee of it.
  • The free expression of religion, not the full muzzling of it.
  • The benevolence of neighbors, not the benefaction of governments.
  • The value of personal responsibility, not perpetual victimhood.
  • The core principles of life, liberty, and democracy--values that have been the bedrock of American self-governance since the beginning.
  • The commitment to nobility, integrity, and courage, from the greatest to the least of us.

Don't lose sight of these things. Embrace these values.

Do good.


That's all I have to say. No matter who sits in the White House, God sits on His throne.

I'll say it again, and keep saying it, even if Charlie Rangel doesn't agree with me:

No savior but Jesus.

G'night folks.

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