Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Been a long time since you rock and rolled...

Wow. Two weeks without a post. It's almost like I have a job or something.

The past two weeks have been spent worrying, stressing, putting things off, getting a few things done, and feeling rotten--with a brief two day hiatus from this tribulation period, in which I was able to leave the mess behind me and enjoy the comforting peace of being with the one I love more dearly than life. Unfortunately, I had to return Sunday night to this...job. I was tempted to call in sick, claim car trouble, or something of that nature. But maturity (?) and integrity (??) overcame tiredness and lovesickness, and I returned to the working world as I knew it. And I feel fine.

What else has happened since last post? Well, I had contact with a blogging hero of mine, who wrote me an encouraging email--that was a huge thrill. I went to see Punch-drunk Love, which i will discuss in an upcoming post, as well as the OBU production of Much Ado about Nothing. And I'm moving into the living room this weekend. Definitely more about that later.

So think of this as a preview, a trailer, a "Coming Attractions" reel. Grab your popcorn, sip your cola, and get ready for news.

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