Tuesday, October 22, 2002

"When I get you alone, when I get you alone..."

Okay, ranting over, back to the story.

So I went to the Hideous Corporate Bookstore, with my birthday gift cards in hand. I purchased two books and a magazine. They are:

-- A Year at the Movies , by Kevin Murphy (of MST3K fame)--The writer/producer/voice actor of the blessed and wonderful series spent every day of the year 2001 in the movie theater. Travelled around the world to various kinds of theaters, lived on theater food for a week, spent a week on the front row. The book is a tribute to the "movie-going experience." Plus, it's so funny. I'm on the first chapter, and I'm laughing out loud.

-- The Immortal Class , by Travis Hugh Culley--The diary/journal of a Chicago bicycle-messenger and aspiring actor. This book opens up a window to an under-appreciated and oft-maligned sect of American urban society. Plus, bicycle messengers are cool. At least I think so.

(This might be due to the music video by my new curiosity, Robin Thicke, son of Mr. Growing Pains, Alan Thicke, founder of "Jesus-palooza". The video has Thicke bicycle-messengering through a bustling city, while all the time keeping the beat to a remix of the seventies' hit "A Fifth of Beethoven". Fun.)

On a related note, my beloved bought me a new bag for school. It's what could be called a messenger bag, with the single strap and the flap with the buckle. Fun times.

Oh, right, third item bought:
--The latest edition of Book Magazine. I have enjoyed getting to read it lately. Good stuff. I like writer's magazines, they're so helpful. Okay, somewhat helpful. But inspiring nevertheless.

So there you go. My shopping excursion. It's like you were right there with me, isn't it? Okay, maybe not.

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