Monday, September 16, 2002

Enthusiasm Tempered with Realization, or, "Dave gots no skills"

After eagerly emailing my fiancee and fellow blogger that I was "part of the club" or somesuch phrasing, I realized that I am writing no code myself, nor am i taking the countless hours it must to maintain all the html and whatnot involved with web design. That I, in fact, am what we in the old school used to call a "Poser." (Or poseur, for all you technical people.)

I am prepared to acknowledge and accept the fact that I have no web skills, that my ostensible code prowess is mere smoke and mirrors, and that the real magic comes from the fun folks at (BLATANT PLUG). So thank (2nd BLATANT PLUG) and think of them for all your internet weblogging needs.

Why am i blatantly plugging (3rd BLATANT PLUG)? Why not Coke or Microsoft? Because I truly care about (SEND CASH) and I'm not trying to namedrop big corporations like Hewlett Packard and Nike in the hopes of monetary compensation or free merchandise (shoe size=15.5)!!! My motives are pure. Shame on all of you.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah, no skills. I fully deny ever having web-skills and now and forever doff the hat to those that do, like my illustrious and incredibly hot fiancee. So there.

Please give me money. Thanks.

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