Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Who are you?" "I am Number Two." "Who is Number One?" "You are Number Six."

Okay, kids, check this sweet business out:

AMC is remaking the amazing BBC series "The Prisoner" into a miniseries starring Ian McKellan and Jim Caviezel. While I'm a little uneasy about ANY remake of such a brilliant television series, I'm THRILLED about this:

They've posted the original series online in its entirety. All 17 episodes.

Here's your assignment for the week: If you've never seen "The Prisoner," you need to take some time and check it out. This show is the stylistic grandfather of such landmark shows as "Twin Peaks" and "LOST." Bizarre, jarring, and full of mysteries. Patrick McGoohan is awesome, and the show's visual style is unique and striking. While the series end is sudden and a little frustrating, it's still fitting for such a show.

For realz, yo. Check it out while you can. Worth your precious minutes.

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