Thursday, January 08, 2009

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

So I'm tweaking with the blog design. Nothing too radical right now, but still different than before.

I also pared down the link bar quite a bit, added a few links i actually read, and deleted lots of links i don't, as well as links for bloggers who don't blog anymore (a.k.a. normal people).

Of course, a blogroll is a delicate and political thing. People feel offended if you drop them from your roll, even if they barely post. So if you now find you've been dropped, it's usually for one of three reasons:

1) You don't blog. A picture of your cat six months ago doesn't count. I've saved your link, but until you start actually blogging again, I'm gonna file you away. It's cool that you got married, but your wedding photo is not sufficient blogging to keep me around for six months.

(To be honest, if I'd just gotten married, I don't know if I'd be blogging all that much for the first six months anyway. I'd have better things to occupy my time, if you know what I'm saying. ...Filling out thank-you cards, I mean. Wait, what were YOU thinking about?)

2) You blog too much. This is the "Sheila/Lileks" rule. There are certain bloggers that I can read for hours. And do. At work. So I've winnowed out some blogs which i don't read often, because when i start I have trouble stopping.

3) I don't care. This is admittedly a crueller reason. ("Crueller" looks like cruller right now. I must be hungry.) But the fact is, there are certain bloggers I've really stopped following up with. I know people have done that with me, and that's cool. The fact is, there are only a handful of bloggers I really care enough about to check on a regular basis. The rest of you are keen people, but I have to prioritize. Especially now, with so much of my time eaten up by my fantasy basketball league. (I'm kidding...somewhat.)


I'm a pretty fair guy, though. If you've been cut from the blogroll and find this grossly unfair, tell me why in the com-box. If you've never been linked here at PBB, make your case below.

In fact, if you read this site at all, please comment below, at least to say hi. Haven't done one of these in a while.


Dave said...

Aaaaaand yes, i'm trying to figure out how to get Haloscan commenting back. But i need to go home and eat. We'll figure it out eventually, right?

Laura said...

Hi, Dave! I dream of one day getting a decent blog off the ground that you may deem link worthy. Insert wistful sigh.

Manders said...

I'm glad you kept mine, because otherwise I'd have to punch you in the face the next time I saw you, and no one wants that (especially my hand bones...).

Trav said...

I'm so happy that you regard my blog as both readable and regularly updated! Thanks for keeping my link handy over there in the right column.

I won't let you down, Dave.

Today, I posted a recipe for bacon pie. And tomorrow, I will post an awesome picture of my mom.

Dave said...

Laura: That blog's pathetic, yo. Get on it. You blog, I link. Biggity bam.

Manders: Child-please. I keep your blog around so I can steal--I mean, be INSPIRED by it. And it's really good. So your handbones are safe.

Trav: I shared the beauty of bacon pie with my officemate, who now considers you his hero.

Kelly said...

Dude, even though I have no blog anymore, I am offended!!! You should have kept my dead link!

Haha, kidding. If anyone believes in some spring cleaning on the web every now and then, its me.

I especially like the "pictures of your cat 6 months ago" comment. That was really funny. I dig the new design also, by the way, its very sleek.

LeLe said...

Yea! Glad to see I'm still "in beds in little rooms." I changed the design on mine too but not sure if I'm digging it yet or if I'm finished with the new look.

Jen said...

hola. long-time stalker - um, i mean, reader. i probably don't normally come up in your web stats 'cause i usually read via the fancy rss feed. i like the tweaking, looks good. ;)

Dave said...

Kelly: Thanks, man. If you ever decide to blog again for a month, lemme know, and you'll be linked.

LeLe: I dig the new design, so put me as a vote in favor.

Jen: Hey there, friend! I tried reading your bloggy blog and it said i have to be invited. So this is my humble request for an invite.

Sara said...

Long-time reader here too! And smashburger lunch buddy, yum.

Jen said...

dave: haven't posted in years, mostly because of some personal politics and partly because i decided that it was best to keep my thoughts to myself. so i made the blog invite-only, with myself as the only invitee. sorry. i enjoy yours though! :)

Will Burgin said...

Bigger, faster, stronger? sounds to me like your blog is on steroids, but I won't judge.

RG said...

I'm glad you kept mine, because otherwise I'd have to punch you in the face the next time I saw you, and no one wants that (especially my hand bones...).


jaimieteekell said...

Hi! I'm gonna update soon. An actual update, not prose. Prose, like a schmaltzy picture, shouldn't count.

Trav said...

The post title reminds me of Daft Punk.

Dave said...

Rhesa: I left you off the list for some reason! Okay, gimme a minute... done. Welcome back, Kotter.

James: Looking forward to it.

Trav: That's the idea, yessir.

Barbara said...

I'm commenting to say hello. And because I just replied to your comment on my delinked blog (which, admittedly, falls [fell?] squarely into category #1) and wasn't sure you would find it there. :)

But really: just saying hi.