Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reason #423 why I need TiVo. Or a roommate. (UPDATED!)

So, considering yesterday's post, what's the worst (non-serious) thing that could have happened last night?

What's that? VCR malfunction? Timer spaz that prevented the machine from taping the final episode of the ONLY SHOW I'VE CARED ABOUT WATCHING THIS SUMMER?

Yeah. That.

Yesterday morning, I made double-sure the VCR was off, so that it would tape. And I worked late at the day job, and was looking forward to getting home, grilling some chicken for a nice garden salad, and sitting down with the TV. But when I came in, the wrong lights were lit on the front. But in the wrong order also, which confirms that I didn't leave it on accidentally; maybe it was a power surge or something. Bizarro.

So yeah. No viewing of my show. I had to wait until I got in this morning to find out who won, and still no one has video of the performances last night.

That's okay, Dave. Love not the world. Love not the world. Love not the world.

Update: Can I tell you how much I love YouTube? (No, not for that reason. Dirty.) Can I please? Because I love the YouTube. Why, you may ask? One YT user, "Craz1NF," has become my best-friend-for-the-day, for posting the entire episode in segments online. You rock, dude.

Now, if you all will excuse me...

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