Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PBB Cool Ten (5/7-5/13)

10. 14-17. Shameful. Embarrassing. Losers of seven straight. And yet, a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Kerry Wood may be starting in the next 10 days or so. Now, if only we could get some frakkin' offense going again.
9. Enjoying the high-school throwback music this week: So far, I've spun "Don't Censor Me" and "Bloom" by Audio A, "Our Best Album Ever!" by Five Iron, the "Seltzer" and "WWJD" compilations, and I'm currently enjoying Jars of Clay's sophomore release, "Much Afraid," which I would rank as one of the best Christian albums of the last ten years. Easily. Top three.
8. I absolutely love the new Jetta TV spots. Perfectly executed advertisements.
7. Reason #96 why VH1 beats MTV: old-school arcade games online. I'm so not going to be productive today.
6. ...As the other side of the pillow. [Dig that warmed-over recycled joke. Well done, Dave.]
5. A coworker gave me a poster of King Kong wrestling the three T-rexs while holding Ann Darrow just out of their hungry reach. It was the coolest part of that ridiculous movie, so I have no problem exhibiting it in my office.
4. So far, "Hey, Nostradamus!" is a great book. I love Coupland. One of my top-five favorite authors. (Incidentally, the rest of the list, in no particular order: C. S. Lewis, Stephen King, Charles Dickens, and Ray Bradbury.)
3. Saw "United 93." Wow. Still processing. Expect a longish essay later this week. Lots of things to discuss.
2. Going to a playoff hockey game tonight with my compadre Willam. Hopefully, we won't be seeing our beloved Aeros get swept by the Milwaukee Admirals in the Western Conference Finals. Although, the way they've been playing, it's thoroughly possible. Oh, well. At least I may get another eyeful of the dancers! Kidding. Sort of.
1. Have you taken time recently to really sit and wonder at the fact that the God who created reality and all of existence actually wants to know you and wants you to know Him? Mind-blowing.

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