Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Double E-note

I don't usually do the "meme" thing, but I figure, what the hey.

Fivers (snagged from RAD Cara):

In my fridge:
  • a fresh new gallon of milk that my mother insisted i take home with me after the family's Memorial Day dinner.
  • two uncut onions. not sure about the age of either, but i know that one is much older than the other.
  • Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. so choice.
  • a small container of "pumpkin spice" butter that my dad left in there from his last visit. the idea of it frightens me, so i haven't touched it since.
  • some Oscar Meyer fat-free hot dogs that I will be tearing into in about an hour.

In my closet:
  • Two hockey sticks that I "inherited" from my dad and one of his brothers. My grandparents were in the process of moving from their old A-frame house into a smaller, pre-fab home about thirty yards away, and needed to get rid of old junk. I got the boy's hockey sticks. My dad saw one of them a while back and said, "you know that's mine, right?" I smiled and said, "Not anymore."
  • A shoebox full of clipped pictures and words from sundry magazines. For some reason a few years back, I started making collages at random times. I'm not as good at it as some folks, but I'm just a lowly lit-geek.
  • A box of old teacher's-edition textbooks that i'm trying (and failing) to sell online.
  • A framed movie poster from Kill Bill: Volume II that used to hang in my office before we moved buildings. I was going to hang it in my house but haven't decided on a good spot. Plus, the frame's cheap, so I want to get a better one.
  • Three tee-shirts that I look forward to wearing, about sixty or seventy pounds from now. These include a House of Blues shirt, a Waterdeep concert shirt, and my rockin U2 Vertigo tour shirt.

In my car:
  • my old air filter that I just replaced, and forgot to throw out.
  • my headlight power knob. it broke off a while back, and instead of doing the smart thing and getting it fixed, I just keep it in the ashtray, and use it like a key to turn my lights on and off.
  • an old air freshener shaped like an old-school Nintendo controller. it's been years since it had any scent, but I don't want to throw it away.
  • a number of crappy mix tapes that I'm about to toss out and replace.
  • a rubber mallet, hammer, and crowbar that I bought at a truck stop in Sanger, Texas, when a friend and I got stranded there for seven hours because I couldn't get the stupid tire-lock lugnut off of the flat tire. I bought the implements for my various attempts to snap the stud, since i couldn't get the lug off. of course, once my dad drove up from Houston, he was able to get the lug off in less than two minutes. because that's how my life works.

In my purse--I mean, wallet:
  • my old OBU ID. I showed this to coworkers during Friday lunch, and my boss said (with no small hint of surprise), "Wow, Dave, you're a good-looking guy!" Well, um, thanks, man. Of course, with the picture that's on my ID, I'm rather puzzled how he came to that decision.
  • a fortune cookie fortune that I got during a Sunday School lunch at Pei Wei. The fortune reads, "YES! Do it with confidence!" I laughed at this and passed it around the table. Best fortune ever. And it's been in my wallet for the past two or three years, as an unsubtle reminder to always do "it" with confidence.
  • a Taco Bell promotional game piece. do you remember "pogs"? well, Taco Bell had this promotion coinciding with the release of Star Wars Episode 1, where the characters were on different "pog-shaped" game pieces, and you collect 2,3, or 4 certain color-coded pieces to win each prize (not unlike McDonalds' famous Monopoly promotion). Well, I got the "Princess Amidala" piece, which was one of five "million-dollar" prize pieces. This was about the same time my crush on Natalie Portman began, and I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Into the wallet it went, and every time I pull it out or look at it, I laugh and leave it in there. For five years.
  • a faded, water-damaged picture of my youngest sister, with Santa Claus, from three years ago.
  • no money.

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