Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The PBB Cool Ten (5/28-6/3)

10. 19-31. That's right--12 games below .500--yet my mood is lighter. Must be because we actually won a game yesterday. Either that, or all the Cubzac I've been downing like breath mints.
9. Saw X-3...twice. It was a little better the second time. Really, it was just because I've already gotten over the initial shock of Wolverine dying... Just kidding. It was Rogue. HA. Made ya look.
9a. By the way--Anna Paquin? Still kinda hot.
8. Finished "Pride and Prejudice." Good book, highly recommended. Turns out Darcy and Elizabeth are both prideful and both prejudiced. They just alternate who's what.
7. Used an old Best Buy giftcard this weekend to pick up my dad's Father's Day gift (next month, kids, don't forget!), and with the remainder, bought myself this little gem.
6. Mocha Cappucino Shakes. Mmmmm. Diet killers, though. But so choice.
5. Manders asked me, if I had to choose, would I be a pirate or a ninja? It was a tough decision, but I went with ninja, because I don't swim well. However, if I had to choose which one to fight, I'd rather fight a pirate, because ninjas tend to be less honorable and more crafty. ...Yes, these are the things we talk about.
4. Adam found this, and I found it hilarious--Screwtape's Letter about The DaVinci Code. A PBB must-read.
3. I'm shaking off the shackles of laziness and putting Redux into overdrive. I'm committing right now to finishing the first draft before summer's end.
2. I returned to the scene of the crime--my old high school--for a graduation two days ago. Saw some old friends, and some old co-workers. Fun times. Anecdote later, I'm sure.
1. I'm hitting the road two weeks from today!

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