Wednesday, December 14, 2005

C Is For "Cookie"

Our office often has special treats given to us, or someone in the office will bring brownies or something. We also have a birthday almost every week, it seems. So needless to say, lots of food around, especially during the holidays.

Yesterday, we were sent several boxes of really nice chocolate dipped mint chocolate cookies. Each cookie is square, about two and a half inches on each side. Serious cookie.

I had a few with lunch yesterday. Later, as it became clear I was staying very late at work, I had a couple more.

I got really hungry around eight. Since I still had to plug away at a project, I went into the breakroom, grabbed the bag of cookies, and walked the ten feet back to my office. Instead of jumping up to grab a snack each time, I just brought the snack to me. Seems reasonable.

I didn't eat a lot of them. A few more than I should have, admittedly. But there were plenty left. I tied the plastic bag into a knot on the open end, and set it on top of my printer, so that I would remember to return it when I left.

I don't remember returning it. I realized this on the way in this morning, but thought it would be no big deal to walk it back to the break room first thing.

I open my door, walk into my office, and find a little gift bag on my computer. And no bag of cookies.

The gift back contained the yearly Christmas magnet that our department director (two doors down) gives out.

So, now, I must wonder: did she see the bag of cookies and take them back? Does she think I was hoarding them?

Do I now have a reputation as the Office Cookie Monster?

I'm stuck trying to decide if I should tell her that I forgot to take them back, or it would just look too bad. Is it worth the awkwardness to avoid the confrontation?

This is not how I wanted to start my Wednesday.

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