Tuesday, November 30, 2004

As the other side of the pillow...

Because it's the hip thing to do this week, here's the first installment of a (possibly) weekly item. Yes, Manders was cool enough to do the weekly list thing first (why did you stop, yo?), but I'm cool enough to do it...here.

That made no sense.

Irregardless. Here it is. Ten things that I'm currently digging.

The PBB Cool Ten List for 11/28-12/04 [in no particular order]
(like Stinky's cousin Andera...totally hot, but totally cool, too):

10. The other side of the pillow (obvious joke, right?)
9. "A Man and a Woman", U2
8. That sleepy feeling after a hearty meal (right now, actually)
7. Guily-pleasure TV shows
6. Delillo's first novel, Americana (though not as much as I expected)
5. Psalm 15
4. "City of Blinding Lights", by U2
3. The Return of the King Extended DVD edition, coming out in exactly 2 weeks
2. Cold weather (even if it is rainy)
1. El Roi, the God who Sees me

(Hat Tip: Thinklings, via Rhesa)

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