Friday, August 27, 2004

Productivity Enhancement...ahem...

Friday link-o-rama. Bring it on.***

Celebrity blogging: Zach Braff, the brilliant mind behind Garden State has a blog. Mmmm, manatee love... Also, for all you conservative kids, Michelle Malkin, a.k.a. Chris "Hardball" Matthews' favorite victim, has a neat little right-leaning blog of her own. She tends to hawk her book a little more than I prefer, but when mine are published, I'll likely do the same thing.

Non-celebrity, but still keen, blogging: There are people I know personally, like Miss Emily G. There are people who know people I know personally, like Jerry. There are people I don't know personally, but enjoy reading, like Team Redd, Neil Golemo, Anj, and the Cary-Grant-obsessed Sheila. There are political/current-events-focused blogs, like Second Breakfast, Slings and Arrows, Command Post, and Vodkapundit.

RIP, "My War": Well, apparently, my favorite military blog has bitten the dust. I haven't been reading lately, so I don't know if he was forced to end it, or decided to stop himself. From the quote on the page, it may be the former. Very well. Good job, CBFTW. We appreciate it. Keep your head down, and come home soon.

Funnies: There are a plethora of political cartoonists, the vast majority critical of this administration and everything it does. At the risk of losing my oh-so-cherished "fair and balanced" status (stop laughing, Marty), here are a couple of conservative cartoonists. Always worth a look.

Now Showing: My favorite movie site lately has been Rotten Tomatoes, but I still check Roger Ebert from time to time. There is also Internet Movie Database, a tremendous resource. Of course, the best-written and cleverest movie site ever is no longer being updated. And the world's the poorer for it.

There. That should keep you occupied. Have a good weekend all.

***There is, of course, the implicit disclaimer that I am not responsible for the moral or ideological content of anyone else's page. I'm just tossing some options out there. Please send all hatemail regarding other sites' subject matter to getoverit@youbigbaby.wah. Thanks.

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