Monday, August 30, 2004

My inner Indie jumped for joy.

I found a little slice of Indie-hip heaven on Friday.

Wherehouse Music, less than ten minutes from my apartment. I thought they had closed them all down, but this one is still open.

Drool-worthy music selection, included a rather extensive assortment of lesser-known bands. Several that I felt cool for recognizing. Way to go, Dave, for not being completely clueless to good music. And it was here that I made 3 purchases that I couldn't afford but nevertheless felt compelled to make.

I picked up Ryan Adams' "Love is Hell", parts One and Two. Both used. Total cost--13 bucks.

And I was taken aback by another discovery.

A concert DVD from 1995--"Jeff Buckley--Live in Chicago." Holy crap. Sooooooooo good. A full concert, and some bonus in-studio performance tracks. Two hours of live Buckley goodness.

Feel free to turn green with envy.

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