Monday, February 02, 2004

More Football Revelry

As I said last time, my dad and I went to the NFL Experience last Friday. It was a lot of fun actually. There was a massive football card/autograph/memorabilia show, which would have been a lot cooler when I was thirteen, but was still kinda neat. We got to see my dad's favorite talk radio DJ, who was doing a live show from the convention center.

We got our picture taken in front of the Cadillac display. I'd like to be able to say I'm the skinny one on the left. But that wouldn't be true, now, would it?

And I got to kick a twenty-five yard field goal attempt. I could tell you I was not in good clothes for it, and that I had no room to run up to the ball, and that I was tired from walking around all day. But instead of making (plausible) excuses, I will say this: The ball went off the side of my foot. It went about ten feet before skipping like a stone across a pond. I walked away quickly as some of the more inebriated exhibit-goers began to laugh.

Stupid football.

But it was a once in a lifetime (probably) "experience" for me, so I'm glad (kinda) that I took advantage of the opportunity.

I'll show 'em next time...

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