Monday, February 16, 2004

He's the DJ... I'm the rapper...

Or is it "I'm the DJ, he's the rapper"... I'm not sure.

Either way, it's all good.

I had the good fortune to stumble across (figuratively) the first Brave Saint Saturn album in CD Warehouse's "clearance" rack. I have heard a great deal of this band from some unabashedly obsessive fans. *Cough*--Will--*cough*.

And when it was being sold for the "low, low" price of 1.99, how could I refuse?

After listening to this album again, I have one comment: what kind of industrial strength crack was I smoking, not to love this album the first time I heard it?

Good times, man. Really good. There's some strange "Yoshimi" vibe at work here. Not directly, mind you. Just the slightest hint of mental/emotional association with Flaming Lips. Unintended (impossible, historically speaking) but present. Like how Coldplay's album "A Rush of Blood to the Head" always reminds me of Pink Floyd, inexplicably.

So thank you, Will, for drilling into my overly thick noggin how great BS2 is. Because now, finally, in the end of things, I agree.

"...And I always check myself before I wreck myself..."

Postscript: The new, two-disc Five Iron Frenzy finale is hitting stores on April 20th. It will include the last FIF album (only available during the tour) plus a live disc of their last show ever, in Denver. Entitled "The End is Here", it will be, without a doubt, the best album to be released in Christendom in the last five years. And that, you can quote me on.

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