Friday, March 14, 2003

My final word...

I'm tired, folks. I'm tired of all the bickering and fighting. I'm tired of the name-calling (on both sides, riss, you're right) among the pro's and the anti's. I'm tired of all the stress. The whole war will seem anticlimactic at this rate.

Because I'm tired of it, this will be my last pre-war political post. Closing arguments. Here ya go.

War is awful, destructive, ugly. It is often the tool of dictators and animals who have nothing better to do, who are motivated by greed, by revenge, by simple destructiveness. War is a thing to be avoided if at all possible. But war cannot be avoided permanently. Because the world is evil, because man is evil, because until Christ returns in power, this world will be the domain of Satan and wicked, stupid man.

Should we pursue peace? Absolutely. Peacemakers will be called sons of God, right? Yes, peace is good.

Should we allow people to do whatever they want until it affects us? No.

Isolationism was a popular political theory in the early part of this century. During the years between the wars, American presidents said, not our problem. Doesn't concern us. You figure it out. Leave us out of it.

We let thousands of British and Russian soldiers AND civilians die. Thousands of Jewish civilians throughout Europe. It was okay with us. Wasn't our war.

Until we were attacked. Then we made it our war.

Since then, some argue that we haven't fought a single war for the right reason, except maybe Desert Storm. We fought in Korea and Vietnam, some say simply because we thought "Communists were evil." And while we still believe they are, we don't fight them today. Not in the same way. We stopped waging war on communist states. Instead we have economic sanctions for some, diplomatic sanctions for others. For China, nothing. I don't know why.

Desert Storm, the invasion of Kuwait. We fought that war, though people opposed it. Not our war. Or, they'd say we were only in it for the oil. They say we really didn't set up democracy in Kuwait. That our foreign policy is a sham.

I've heard it said that the U.S. is responsible for more international crimes than any other nation. We allegedly supported Islamic groups in the middle east to harrass the Soviets in the seventies and eighties. The CIA does this and that.

The USA has been called the real Evil Empire. I don't know if it's true. I hope not.

But here's what I do know. To know about wickedness, and to do nothing, is silent acceptance and approval. Condoning the actions of a violent and internationally rebellious regime makes us just as guilty. And whatever crimes this nation is accused of, or has committed, it is not about to support Saddam's regime, explicitly or implicitly.

The UN's actions so far have been weak, at best. The French have all but removed any pretenses of concern for international peace, and have said that whatever the US, Britain or any of their allies proposes, the French will oppose it sight-unseen. This is not reasonable opposition. This is not concern about finding a peaceful solution. It's a power play.
The UN has lost sight of the idea of disarmament. Its only concern now is keeping the peace. Satisfying the status quo. The US doesn't accept the status quo. As a result, the US has been villified by almost the entire world. We have lost allies. We have weakened ties on economic and diplomatic fronts. And the world has judged that our president is evil evil evil. Or at least stupid. So I've heard.

If you believe that, or feel similarly, go ahead. Say what you want. You're right. It's your nation too. Free speech applies to you. God bless you for that. Pardon me if i grow tired of listening. I have heard all the arguments. I have heard the accusations batted around. I'm just tired of it all.

And as for the "love it or leave it" crowd who tell anti-war proponents to move to France or whatever, you can all take a walk. The reason America is free and wonderful is because we want people who disagree to stay here. If we deported all dissenters, then we really would be the fascist state we're accused of being.

My personal stance on the issue is as follows:

I'm not anti-war.
I'm not pro-war.
I'm not un-patriotic.
I'm not hyper-patriotic.

I hate the fact that in two weeks or so, we will be fighting a war that few people really believe in. But I know that this war must be fought, if for no other reason, than that it will finally accomplish something, good or bad, in the world. Either the American president will be vindicated or removed. The economy will rise or crash. We will either be the good guys or the bad guys. Results, folks. It will have results.

So Dave likes that we're going to war? No, of course not. I'm resigned to the fact, however. Because if I wasn't, I would have to be either violently vocal against it, or rabidly raucous in support of it. And I just don't want to expend the energy either way. Because I'm not convinced totally either way. Does that make me just as guilty as anyone else? Probably. That's my cross to bear.

But good or bad, in two weeks, there will be results. Unlike the months of arguing and posturing and pointless, endless rhetoric. Both the "mindless liberal rhetoric" and the "conservative republican propaganda". I'm tired of all of it. I'm tired of the fact that the only contact I have with some of my friends is through this stupid debate. The only time i hear from anyone is when it is prefaced by an "OH YEAH? WELL THEN...!"

I read on a messageboard on someone quoted the passage from Ecclesiastes three, made famous by sixties musical group The Byrds: "For everything there is a season...a time for war and a time for peace." Well, ladies and gentlemen, for the United States, this is the time for war, both internationally and within our own society.

And frankly, to quote Axl Rose, "I don't need your civil war."

Thank you, goodnight.

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