Thursday, March 06, 2003

I'm not a creepy, Unabomber-type guy, okay?

Looks like I need to clear up some misconceptions in the CCCS circles.

So listen up, students, this is the last time I'll say it:

--Your grades: were really more fair than you'll ever realize. If I had graded you all the way you should have been graded, many C's would have been F's and B's would have been D's. Get the picture? Including some important figures in CCCS athletics who owe their continued careers to me. So be grateful. Think you should have gotten a better grade? Think again. The only people who got the grade they deserved were the A+ students, because I'm not that generous.

--Your daily work: for those of you who refused to pick up your daily papers, there was a stack in my old book drawer, the second drawer of the filing cabinet by the door. Help yourself.

--Your papers: this irritates me. I've been hearing that my grading has been called into question. Which is foolish, because as I mentioned before, your grades are a whole lot better than they should have been. But for those of you who insist that on getting everything back, I still have your papers. Because I'm a creepy old guy who reads them in his cellar? NO. They're in a box in the garage, I think. I just forgot to take them back, and after all the ugliness surrounding my departure from the school, I never got around to returning them. I'm sorry to you students, and to you only. However, I know that if I returned them now, a certain teacher would insist on grading them all herself, which will make it take longer for you to get your current work back. You will get them back eventually, but probably in May, so that my returning them won't put a hold on all the other grades you are receiving. If this seems stupid, I'm sorry. If you want them back now, I can arrange for you to receive them individually.

Any other questions? Email me. Manders has my email, if nothing else.

Manders, since you're probably the only one who will see this, pass the word, okay? At least to my seniors.

As for you other readers, yes, this is the crap I'm still dealing with.

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