Monday, February 12, 2007

Shuffleblog Mini 2.0

[Disclaimer: I may have skipped a track or two, for the sake of more interesting blogging. Believe me, you're glad I did.]

You know the tune. Here we go.


1) "Oh, Darling!" by The Beatles.

Of course. This Wednesday is Valentine's Day. I don't really have any plans. I haven't had any plans for this day in a while. I may go to the movies. The Hugh Grant flick looks somewhat amusing (it has to be better than "Daredevil," right?). Or maybe I'll get some takeout, go home, watch both halves of "Kill Bill" (with a "Lost" intermission) and call it a night. Valentine's with Uma? Doesn't sound so bad. As long as you're not named "Bill."

My goal for the week: not to get bogged down by the hype. To "rejoice with those who rejoice." To trust that my God will supply all my needs, and I just have to wait for His good timing. One day, I'll have a February 14th that's friggin' awesome. I believe that.

And if my defenses slip a little and I indulge in some half-price chocolate this weekend, oh well.


2) "Two of Us" by The Beatles

Really? Ugh. I need more diverse music.

This song was on a mixtape someone gave me once. I kept it for a little while after our relationship ended (along with other tapes and a few other items). Finally, I realized that I'd never heal if I kept hanging on to that stuff. Like the line from the Waterdeep song, "Hush": "On the inside, even they won't let go of the dead and cling to what's alive..."

So I chucked the box that held all the handmade knicks and knacks, and the mix tapes. I miss the mixtapes. There were some really good tracks on there. Like Ben Folds' "Kate," her mix tape's a masterpiece.

Every once in a while, I'll hear a song on a commercial or in a movie, and I'll instantly remember it from one of those tapes. There's a track in the movie "Sidewalks of New York" that I loved. I sat through the rest of the TV broadcast of the movie, just to see the end-credits and try to remember what the band name was. (Funny, I can't recall it now, or even what the song sounded like. But I remember liking it quite a bit.)

That's another annoying thing about being single: I don't have anybody to surprise with mixtapes.


3) "Mrs. Robinson," The Lemonheads

I remember this guy from OBU named Chris Wheeler who had one of the most joyful, infectious, outgoing personalities I've ever seen. He almost always had a smile on his face, and a high-five or hug for anyone who needed it. I didn't know him personally, but you couldn't miss him. He was one of those recognizable figures at OBU, like Tommy. James Pendergrass. Upchurch. Hutch. Your mom. (Just kidding.)

Anyway. Wheeler. I remember one time during one of the CAB (Campus Activity Board) shows, one of the bands played this song, and Wheeler was one of a half-dozen people on the front row of Raley who started jumping around and waving their arms like crazy teenagers during Beatlemania. He just flailed. It was hilarious. Another great CAB moment from Wheeler (there were many) was when he provided the "beatbox" for a rendition of Ben Harper's "Steal My Kisses."

I think one of my small regrets from OBU was that I never was the kind of guy that people remember like that. Not that I think no one remembers me, but I never was that kind of "big name" that everyone knew. It's vanity, of course. But I was kind of that guy in high school, since I was involved in EVERYTHING. Not so much in college. And I think it would have been cool to have that kind of reputation and recognition. To have people tell stories after I had graduated about "this crazy Dave guy that everybody knew and liked."

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