Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What I want right now...

...is to go home and do nothing but write for a week.

I got the itch.

(Of course, if I took a week off, about 1/3 of it at most would be spent writing. The rest would be spent watching Judge Joe Brown and renting crappy movies from Blockbuster. For inspiration, of course.)

I also have the jones to break out some books/magazines on writing. Any recommendations? For the record, I've read Dillard's "The Writing Life" and King's "On Writing" about four times each. Those, I use for inspiration to write, when I'm running low. I've got the opposite problem. There's too dang much to do both here at work and at home, to have time to write.

So to stave off the attention-shrinking desire to scribble, I need a fix.

Any really good writing websites you can think of would be cool too.

In the next day or so, I was planning on doing a writing-themed linky-love post. Those are usually Wed./Thurs. posts here at PBB.

So yeah. Thoughts. Suggestions. Encouragements.

By the way, I got a really tasty short story idea, related to the swirling questions of grace and forgiveness in the light of the ugliness of people--especially church people. I may crank that out in the near future.

I'm gonna pretend to work now. Later.

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