Wednesday, July 06, 2005

PBB Cool Ten "Better Late Than Never" Edition (7/3-7/9)

10. 40-42. Twelve and a half games back of the Cards, tied with the Astros (of all people!) for second place in the division. Losers of 6 in a row. ...Yeah, that's about right. It's July.
9. Lots of movies this weekend. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (funny), "Land of the Dead" (bloody), "Hostage" (violenty), "War of the Worlds" (suspensey), and "Eight Men Out" (basebally).
8. I bowled a 130! (Disclosure: 3 of those pins came from a carom off the bumper. Hey, I was bowling with my baby sister, give us a break.)
7. Got the new John Reuben CD this weekend. Review upcoming. Initial reaction? Mixed.
6. Finished "Gilead." Pure beauty. Finished "Dawn Treader" and started "Silver Chair." Both most excellent. Started "Cubs Nation", a game-by-game account of last season from a fan's perspective. Lots of fun anecdotes.
5. Also reading "What's So Amazing about Grace?" by Yancey. That's definitely worth the time, thusfar.
4. Speaking of four, "Fantastic Four" comes out this Friday.
3. My best friend left this morning for Oklahoma. I'm sad about this.
2. As of next Sunday, I'm a Sunday School teacher. Freaky.
1. Happy Birthday, America! Some people may still kick mud in your eye, but I think you're pretty keen.

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