Friday, November 14, 2008

Pre-Conference Linky Love

Randomness, GO!
  • An instructional video for bloggers.
  • A preview for the upcoming season of LOST, premiering January 21st.
  • Whenever I tell a lame joke, I hear this in my head.
  • Apparently Joaquin Phoenix is done with movies. I have to say, I'm terribly, terribly vexed.
  • I think Joel Hodgson of MST3K is a national treasure. (Okay, maybe I'm overstating, but he's pretty cool nonetheless.)
  • The King says dudes read books, too. As an avid reader, I concur. (Obviously; otherwise I wouldn't use words like "avid" or "concur.")
  • This helped ease the post-election pain quite a bit. (Yes, you Obama supporters can laugh too.)
  • You may have been hearing about the town of Batman, Turkey, suing DC Comics for use of the name "Batman." Well, then there's this guy. He may think he's clever, but signing checks and queuing up to renew his driver's license just got a lot more difficult.
  • Adam Duritz displays bad judgment. (No, not his hair--jerk.)
  • Christopher Hitchens tries to pop some of the Obama-euphoria. (He's just biased against messiahs, I think.)
  • Suddenly Agent Smith doesn't seem as intimidating.
  • Colbert was robbed and should demand a recount. I guess it goes to show that J. Jonah Jamison was in the tank for Obama, like the rest of the media.

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